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Style at Home Canada - Monti-IPA is featured in November Gift Guide

Dockwalk - "For goodness sake"

Design Milk - "The process behind Monti-IRI Limited Edition Taste Set"

Colour Hive - "Clear glass obtain(s) a myriad of reflective colour"

Design Milk - "Playful and add an unexpected twist to traditional glassware"



Best of Year Award - Monti-IRI Limited Edition Taste Set won Best of Year Award

Sight Unseen - Saturday Select by Monica Khemsurov

San Diego Home/ Garden Lifestyles - "Feeling tipsy"

Wallpaper - "Increasingly stylish ways to transform our tipples."

Clever Podcast - Designer, Danne Semeraro interviewed as a influential voices in design

Garden & Gun - "Stylish new tools to raise the bar at home"

Gear Patrol - "Bottle Openers That Won’t Let You Down"



HYPEBEAST - "Don't neglect the unique character of your beer."

Fast Company - "Modern Glasses Purpose-Designed for Beer Drinking."

Dezeen - "Sempli aims to provide "ultimate beer glasses" with Monti collection."

Cool Material - "...this is the coolest you can look while drinking beer."

FWx - "These geometric glasses will satisfy even the biggest beer snobs"

Playboy - "Optimizing the drinking experience with glassware"

Gizmodo - Check out the spotlight Gizmodo casts on our new Incanter!

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